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The Spectrum of Blues

The Spectrum of Blues
Über dieses Album:
Jazz, Rock, Southern Rock, Hip Hop, Gospel, Soul, Ragtime, Country, Shuffle, BeBop, and whatever music there may be, it all falls within the spectrum of the blues.

Hope you enjoy this slice of the spectrum by these fantastic artists.Bothen erstellt von Bothen on 06/05/2017

Daumen: 18
Hörer: 3147 x

OliVBee Shi Bothen MajorTom_III PECA Blues Buddies akethesnaker petebass Danalyze45 Ernie440 aleonz Rat Stef slin Hesgone119 Leftdaloops1019 gwailoah frenzie fanne GlezBass Balfo

Oh Yeah!


Review von Acousticeg am 02/01/2019

Southern Country Blues at it's best...



Review von slin am 03/12/2017

Thanks for let me be on your new album Bothen,appreciate it...

The bluesfan in you


Review von frenzie am 03/09/2017

You are a real bluesman and we can enjoy that! Great work Ron!! :) :) Cheers Tom



Review von PECA am 03/08/2017

Great album! Blues is the soul of music, profound and hopeful...:)

Blues is Life


Review von Stef am 03/08/2017

Dear Ron, fantastic album! Enjoy always the Blues my friend! :)

Blew, Blue out the blues


Review von Leftdaloops1019 am 03/08/2017

Ron, Bothen, the corporal in the Blues Corps, puts together another great collection of blues!

Long live the Blues


Review von petebass am 03/07/2017

Another great selection of cool Blues tracks,Nice one Ron.

Fantastic album


Review von Krasimir am 02/18/2022

Nice selection,perfect playing.Great.Should be in the market!
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