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A box of surprises

A box of surprises
Über dieses Album:
Abuitremorem and friends
josepssv erstellt von josepssv on 06/05/2017

Daumen: 11
Hörer: 1462 x

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mi amigo René


Review von ivax am 05/10/2017

gracias Josep,por hacerme formar parte de esta magnifica colección de René

Thank you very much José for this wonderful gift !!!


Review von abuitremorem am 05/10/2017

I had never expected such a thing. You gave me a great pleasure with this gift. That blows my mind away. I also thank all the friends who have made it possible for me to make music with you. I do not know how to thank you.

something else


Review von AKchen am 05/10/2017

this is a wonderful gift to René ... his playing is fantastic and you show his bright spectrum with the songs you collected ... virtous music you choosed, wonderful to hear it attentive with a little more bit of time ... a music for looking behind, for a second view ... thank you ♥

Creativite Album


Review von ArkRockStudio am 05/22/2017

Nice combination of creative work jose and everyone. I really enjoyed listening to this album.

Merci de m'avoir invité sur ton album


Review von franber am 05/26/2017




Review von Pewi am 05/22/2017

A special collection! I am honored to be part of this illustrious society!

a box of surprises..


Review von slin am 05/22/2017

such a nice thing to do Jose,and thanks for including me in this box of surprises...
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