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Wikiworks 6

Wikiworks 6
Über dieses Album:
Wonderful collaborations with such talented artists. Thanks so much! Hope you enjoy the album.ArkRockStudio erstellt von ArkRockStudio on 07/06/2017

Daumen: 13
Hörer: 1162 x

ArkRockStudio davidaustin RobM Leftdaloops1019 Itocpogo abuitremorem FrankieJ Tofzegrit eGiL MajorTom_III Shi fillninjed Danalyze45 Don_T OliVBee Dafunkydrummer DimaH ARNOSOLO rp3drums blumartini B427 apsummerlin

A Big Thanks


Review von fillninjed am 07/07/2017

I want to say thank you for including me in this album. The talent here at Wikiloops is amazing. I am so glad to be a part of this. "Embrace the Music". Fillninjed.

Fantastic Musicians, Fantastic Mixes


Review von Itocpogo am 07/06/2017

I am very honored that you included me with these Great musicians. Your song selections together in this album creates a lovely atmosphere of a search for beauty and enjoying that only together we may have found it. The mixes are so good as well as the musicianship of these Great artists.



Review von frankyguitar am 07/06/2017

This is a great example what can happen if good musicians meeting in wikiloops. Great work all together, much fun while listening ! Big thump to all :D


Review von davidaustin am 07/06/2017

great album AR, as Don says its great to have the chance to jam with you, I still have much to learn but hey what a class room here on the loops. thanks for including me.

Nice Collaboration


Review von Don_T am 07/06/2017

ARS, you are without a doubt a great asset to the wikiloops community. Thank you so much for all your contributions and this is just small sample of all the great tracks you have helped to create. Thank you for letting me take a small part in your big future.

One more excellent album


Review von ARNOSOLO am 11/17/2017

Thx again and again for these fabulous jams my friend.



Review von B427 am 07/30/2017

Thanks Ark! Don't know how I missed it, but honored and always appreciate exploring more. Thanks so much!

My first album inclusion - Thanks ARS!


Review von apsummerlin am 07/08/2017

I don't know how you possibly do it. It seems you are always coming up with new and fresh ideas. Keep up the good work and thanks for including me on the album.

able to motivate others


Review von abuitremorem am 07/06/2017

Ark listens, writes, plays and mixes at an uncanny pace. His contributions are always very creative. He is open to all musical directions and he is able to motivate others. As this album shows, he understands here various musicians and pieces matching a beautiful overall picture, to "Wikiworks" to unite. I'm glad to be here. Thank you :)
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