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Wikiworks 10

Wikiworks 10
Über dieses Album:
Thanks to everyone that has joined in and contributed to make some outstanding music. Take a listen and hope you enjoy this album.ArkRockStudio erstellt von ArkRockStudio on 08/12/2017

Daumen: 4
Hörer: 550 x

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new wind in Wikiloops


Review von abuitremorem am 08/13/2017

ArkRok brings with its many ideas and tracks new wind in Wikiloops. This album is another result of his great work and his wide musical interest. Meanwhile, he is one of those WL musicians who are best connected. I mean, he's not just musically bringing new ideas, and I'm curious about what's coming. I am happy that tracks of this album have been included in this album.
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slowchops from Germany

"brilliant idea, guys and gals keep on loopoing :)"

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