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Über dieses Album:
It's nice to play together and inspire one another THANKS TO EVERYONE Navota erstellt von Navota on 07/10/2017

Daumen: 9
Hörer: 854 x

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Wikiloops Brings Us Together!


Review von gwailoah am 07/12/2017

Great collection of tracks, lot of different styles and genres from some brilliant players. Thanks for letting me be a part of it :D

Very nice Album


Review von adu am 07/11/2017

Thanks for being a part of it :)

Hauntingly beautiful


Review von axenvocs am 07/11/2017

So nice to be be part of your wonderful album. very nice selections great playing and players
Major 3rd



Review von Major 3rd am 05/23/2018

honored to be seen on this wonderful collections of enchanting songs....great album and line up. When navato plays the flute magic happens!
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