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Wikiworks 13

Wikiworks 13
Über dieses Album:
Thanks to everyone on this album in making some amazing music. Hope you enjoy the tunes/album.ArkRockStudio erstellt von ArkRockStudio on 09/20/2017

Daumen: 9
Hörer: 657 x

Hudson Kostah ArkRockStudio Acousticeg KaiPlan Leftdaloops1019 Pawlik Demian Keeper francisco al Wade GlezBass ModalNodes Pexe eGiL heinzlet moonchild ivax Don_T Inkless WHITEPONGO FrankieJ MajorTom_III frankiejazz docnat ddruszkowski

Lucky #13!


Review von Wade am 09/20/2017

Fine tracks in here (and not just because I'm included). Rock, strange, jazz, and some that defy categories. Some great collaborations.

File 13


Review von Leftdaloops1019 am 09/20/2017

Not so bad to be in File 13. Kind of cozy here. "Hey monkey fetch me my slippers....what??.....You talking to me......I can just get some other monkeys who would love to fetch my slippers....But I'd miss you so!" I have just taken you behind the scene of the ArkRockStudio Factory. Full of monkey-shines and Good-times. Thanks for the memories etched in 1's and Zero's and notes that waft and jar.(like a firefly that bumps into your neckmeat) And Free working Monkeys that work under the maestro's guidance. As for all the musicians on this grouping, a pairing of tunes....yeah we hear ya, loud and clear...and are happy about that!

wonderful album


Review von Uloisius am 09/20/2017

beautiful album, ideal to listen to it relaxed ;o) A group of creative professionals has gathered here under the direction of ArkRockStudio to give us this great music, far from the mainstream, thanks for the great album, for me it is a shining star in the Wiki universe ;o)
francisco al


Review von francisco al am 10/09/2017

Muito obrigado amigo ArkRockStudio: Por colocar a faixa em que me juntei. Estou feliz
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