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Über dieses Album:
Lotsa fun here - more rock tunes than I've played on recently, plus other funky stuff :)bhunt1 erstellt von bhunt1 on 08/13/2017

Daumen: 7
Hörer: 1033 x

Major 3rd bhunt1 woXey Herman420 moeject Leftdaloops1019 Left081120 RobM Lenny Cowler frenzie Mika Tohve adu Offfocus texasson Mishteria timp Mikebanez twix971 Don_T

Swagging and Sagging


Review von Don_T am 08/13/2017

awesome line up of players here Brian, I am honored to be a part of this very cool project. Your bass in your face playing adds that special touch to each track... excellent job my friend :W:W:W

Swagg B and the Boys


Review von Leftdaloops1019 am 08/13/2017

Some really cool tunes here Brian! Contrats to all the players in the building of listenable(MORE THAN THAT) music here on the LOOPS. Rob, Herman, Tom(Frenzie), The Major Major, Lenny, Texans??, Offfocus and Adu...leaving out a few, oh yeah Don'T, Mishteria, Heidi, post-op Mika, timp, Woxey and new comers(we are were once) Mike and twiks!

Love listening :)


Review von frenzie am 08/13/2017

Have to agree with other reviews this album listens very nice! A bunch of cool tracks and your deep bass often as the main instrument is very cool!! Got me floating on that bas! Thnx so much :)



Review von Offfocus am 08/13/2017

Very cool compilation .. some very cool pieces of Rock! I am very happy to be included to this project!! Thanks so much, my friend!! Feel honoured!!
Major 3rd

swagzilla is a killa!


Review von Major 3rd am 05/23/2018

Great album Brian!! We're all lucky to have here on the loops! ;o)

LOL Swagzilla


Review von ArkRockStudio am 02/24/2018

Great album.
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