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9 No 9 Vocals

9 No 9 Vocals
Über dieses Album:
So this is the 9th Singing Album That I've put together here on WikiLoops. This was a little out of Order as I put out Album 10--many weeks before this one. This album has some "double songs on it. What I mean by that is I tried to combine songs I sang on with the same players. The First example is with Caroljoyce, and another is with Capt'NJef....BTW he's on here a lot....Go to his plays and like them if you like his playing...he's one rowdy Captain! Anyway hope you like the music. I had fun putting it together, with all the players on these cool and varied songs!Leftdaloops1019 erstellt von Leftdaloops1019 on 11/05/2017

Daumen: 12
Hörer: 610 x

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Review von GrooveEnth am 11/05/2017

As a life-long devotee of the works of Kenny G and the Carpenters, I'm shocked and yes, a little disappointed that a group of so-called 'musicians' would assemble to play such an aharmonic noise!

Karen and Kenny


Review von Leftdaloops1019 am 11/06/2017

Dearest Neil, To compare Karen Carpenter and Kenny G in the same sentence, to me is a tip-off that maybe you are one of the so-called "musicians", that make this mess of notes....It's obvious you are unschooled and unlearned in music....keep up the good work but IMHO K....

Creative Album


Review von ArkRockStudio am 11/07/2017

Great album with lots of depth and rich lyrics/harmony.

Further to your correspondence


Review von GrooveEnth am 11/06/2017

How fitting sir that half-formed thoughts should lead to half-formed music. I can only hope that you will continue to ply your dubious trade away from the centers of popular good taste. Until then, I remain, Yours most sincerely

Crazy good as always.


Review von TeeGee am 11/06/2017

I enjoyed that one :D

Souper album!


Review von Ernie440 am 03/07/2020

Yep makes me think of soup!! Congrats Gemmy!!
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