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Wikiworks 19

Wikiworks 19
Über dieses Album:
Hope everyone enjoys my 19th album. Outstanding work with everybody on here. Thanks for the journey!ArkRockStudio erstellt von ArkRockStudio on 11/21/2017

Daumen: 10
Hörer: 700 x

ArkRockStudio RobM Leftdaloops1019 eGiL mikesch Danalyze45 Shi GlezBass Blueboy Demian mpointon ivax Pawlik Jolux Inkless moonchild KaiPlan Lucy Bee Marcelo D aleonz jamlady Navota ARNOSOLO frankyguitar abuitremorem josepssv

Happy 19 !


Review von ARNOSOLO am 11/21/2017

One more excellent album my friend. Thx for the fabulous jams ;)

Thanks Titus :)


Review von abuitremorem am 11/29/2017

You enrich Wikiloops with your ideas and tracks and give us, if you do not make yourself a contribution, the opportunity to play along. Great music in this album. Thank you for that and that I can be here.

sounds great


Review von Navota am 11/22/2017

Great album nice to be a part of it

"Art Rock" !!!!


Review von ivax am 11/21/2017

Your capacity knows no limits, excellent Album my friend, Thanks for including me :D

You need fantastic music, here it is !!


Review von frankyguitar am 11/21/2017

Really a fantastic album by ArkRockStudio !! A great listen and a lot of fun Titus, super produced, excellent sound !! Thanx very much friend for beeing a part of this cool work :)

Successful compilation


Review von Jolux am 11/21/2017

Hi Titus, a successful compilation, I'm happy to be there! Thanks for your music and support.
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