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Words and Music

Words and Music
Über dieses Album:
some jams with singing, some just instrumental - all lots of fun. Thank you for the privilege of playing with all of you :)bhunt1 erstellt von bhunt1 on 10/16/2017

Daumen: 7
Hörer: 808 x

JEF29730 timp bhunt1 wilf67 Andel akethesnaker Mikebanez KMstar Pawlik Leftdaloops1019 Joe3000 nadrek mortheol Anon518 GeorgeLion ArkRockStudio Dadinator Wikimark WhiteDrum55 AKchen

great stuff


Review von AKchen am 10/16/2017

hi :) thank you for being a part of your cool cool choice and adds :) heared your older albums few das ago, they are all great !!!

Awesome album


Review von ArkRockStudio am 10/17/2017

Great collection of tunes bhunt1 !

musical gold mine ;o)


Review von Uloisius am 10/17/2017

great collection of groovy music, here is much to discover ;o)
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