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ivax... with a little bit of magic

ivax... with a little bit of magic
Über dieses Album:
I wanted to do some kind of tribute to my dear friend Xavier, but I needed a lot of Loopers to make this tribute possible. Many thanks to Wikiloops and their wonderful community, and many thanks to all the AMAZING musicians who are involved in this compilation of songs, with a little bit of magic.GreenDog erstellt von GreenDog on 11/17/2017

Daumen: 10
Hörer: 979 x

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The Green Band & Friends Volumen II


Review von ivax am 11/17/2017

No se como agradecer cada minuto que hemos pasado juntos desde la distancia,cada nota con sentimiento que sale de tus manos y sobre todo el apoyo ,la colaboracion de todos los amigos musicos excelentes sin vosotros no seria posible...Increible Album,vaya regalo mi amigo.. I do not know how to thank every minute we have spent together from a distance, every note with feeling that comes from your hands and above all support, the collaboration of all excellent musicians friends without you would not be possible ... Incredible Album, goood gift my friend

fitting tribute


Review von axenvocs am 12/14/2017

Hey man great album and tribute to our friend Xavi glad to be part of it
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