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Blues with Wikiloopers... by slin

Blues with Wikiloopers...

Blues with Wikiloopers...
Über dieses Album

A Blues album with many wikiloopers that I am very happy to have jamed with, there are so many good musicians here in Wikiloop and a big thank you to Dick who made this possible,and all of you who help to keep it going,you are doing a great job. And a big thank you to everyone who is with me here and everyone else I have jamed with.
slin ... slin erstellt von slin on 21.11.2017

Daumen: 22
Hörer: 4105 x


Bluesmaster nils!


Review von frenzie am 21.11.2017

Yeah love this album nils really proud to be on this great bluesalbum :) from funky to old skool:)keep on singing the blues my friend!! :)

Generosity and conviction


Review von titi am 21.11.2017

Honored to find me on the album of convincing Nils Always in the words of his texts. The Blues of its directory is colored with the daily life, its unique style in the high notes assert the conviction of its words and make the strength of its approach Blues.

It's great fun


Review von Pewi am 10.04.2018

Hi Nils, with a delay (sorry for that) I discovered today this great collection of you and your music! It's great fun to make music with you :) thank you for that!

Great album


Review von ArkRockStudio am 11.01.2018

Very enjoyable album.

Living and feeling the Blues


Review von Wade am 10.01.2018

Here's a man who is the real deal. A great collection of tracks. He sings his story of life with conviction.

For those who love blues


Review von franber am 10.01.2018

In the house of blues, Slin is at home

Fantastic collection


Review von TeeGee am 29.11.2017

I listened to it, cool selection of blues tracks - love your singing!

A great Bluesman


Review von Stef am 26.11.2017

A wonderful collection of Blues jams in which your great vocal qualities shine! You always reminded me of Alexis Korner and that magical period of the British Blues. It's a pleasure to be here.

Excellent album


Review von Bothen am 22.11.2017

You do so many things well on here Nils, that is a given. When you sing the blues though you take it to another level, You have a unique voice for it, soulful, nuanced yet very powerful. Thanks for including me here and I look forward to more wonderful collaboration with you.

Great Blues Album!


Review von Ernie440 am 22.11.2017

Happy to know Nils and his wonderful unique style of blues singing and compositions. Honored to be part of this collection of cool blues. Looking foward to more in the future!

Mr Slin


Review von ivax am 21.11.2017

Awesome Album my friend ,Thanks for this

Thr Great Blues voice that came from the cold


Review von jjdf am 21.11.2017

Beautiful collection of blues songs you put together in this album, Nils! Thanks for including me here! I am honored for that! 😊🖤😎😊

Nils :The Fab Norwegian Bluesman & Co.


Review von GreenDog am 21.11.2017

A superb compilation of Blues tracks, I'm very happy to be involved in this great album, it's an honor to be in the same place with all these giants of Blues, and of course, with The Fab Norwegian Bluesman .
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