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R.E.A Band - FOLK Album

R.E.A Band - FOLK Album
Über dieses Album:
Here is the 2nd of the 2 albums that I dedicate to my friends of the 1st hour, I speak of the awesome Ernie and the grandiose Ray. Thank you my friends for your trust, your musical fidelity, your talent and especially for the pleasure you get me.
Many thanks to Shi, Titi, MikaBass, Ulo, Tof and Gemmy for these fabulous musical moments we shared.ARNOSOLO erstellt von ARNOSOLO on 11/20/2017

Daumen: 6
Hörer: 510 x

ARNOSOLO Shi rp3drums Ernie440 leftTheLoops22012327 Uloisius Tofzegrit Leftdaloops1019 titi

I missed this!


Review von rp3drums am 06/30/2019

Arno, cant believe I missed this during my hiatus. Well I am so happy you did this. What an amazing experience to be part of this band. Thanks!

wonderful relaxed album ;o)


Review von Uloisius am 02/21/2018

beautiful, quiet album to relax ... thank you very much for considering our song arno ;o)

Great my Friend! ;)


Review von Ernie440 am 04/16/2020

Thanks Arno for compiling this album .. always a pleasure jamming with you.
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