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Lost Legend of a Celtic Harp

Lost Legend of a Celtic Harp
Über dieses Album:
Thank you to all the musicians involved here. I want to thank Mortheol too cause he doesn't appear with his avatar although I used his music in the remix of the first track...
A special thanks to Richard who allows us to meet and play music together everyday.
Caroljoyce erstellt von Caroljoyce on 04/24/2018

Daumen: 13
Hörer: 849 x

Caroljoyce Uloisius abuitremorem ArkRockStudio Pawlik Jolux jacinto mpointon Jypeka piper PetriHaapa davidaustin heliandros Lenny Cowler MajorTom_III Fishinmissio StJray Pewi ROBJOL slin PJE BuzzBomber khangurumc petebass

Great Album


Review von Jolux am 04/28/2018

Thank you for this Album,great tracks and wonderful sounds.I'm glad to be a part of it.

Thank you


Review von abuitremorem am 04/26/2018

for playing harp in WL and giving us the opportunity to make music with you. Great album. Thank you for being here.

Harpe magique !


Review von Jypeka am 04/25/2018

Congratulations, thank you for including me ... 3rd super album! I have to move for the duo harp & violin ;)

Celtic harp...


Review von slin am 04/24/2018

I feel honored to be with you here Agness,thanks ...

Wonderful Music.


Review von davidaustin am 04/24/2018

Thank you for including me in this Album, merci Agnes.

Great Album!


Review von Offfocus am 01/04/2021

Very exciting album of modern musical stories together with your wonderful classical instrument. I love this album! Congratulations to this master piece!
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