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three and a half years wikiloops lie behind me.
I have learned so much here and I am still having a lot of fun with the loops.
It is a great pleasure for me to play with you all together.
Here is a small selection - THANKS TO ALL! ;o)Uloisius erstellt von Uloisius on 12/24/2017

Daumen: 11
Hörer: 941 x

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Glad again to be a number in the number


Review von GuitarPlyr am 12/28/2017

I like the vibes and implication you put in' Ulosius



Review von AKchen am 12/26/2017

love it :D

It's All Honest


Review von Wade am 12/25/2017

So good to hear a collection like this with all the different moods/modes and stories. Each a genuine piece of Ulo presented for our amazement, amusement, and to touch us with his human emotions and instincts.
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