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Über dieses Album:
This is my name. I love my name. "Pop-Pop is going to get that belly" says the grandpa as the squeals of delight pierce through not only the ear drum but the heart. "Big Buster has some really cool vocal chords" Pop-Pop thinks.

Thanks for all involved with these songs....as always, it is a great pleasure to add to the music, fellow Loopers have produced and to have fellow Loopers, add to music I have presented for development.

Leftdaloops1019 erstellt von Leftdaloops1019 on 12/28/2017

Daumen: 8
Hörer: 878 x

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Pop is old but not cold


Review von TeeGee am 01/11/2018

Very good cousin, I enjoyed listening to this one. Pop on Pop-Pop

How to have a music factory inside the mind


Review von GreenDog am 01/03/2018

Always creative and eclectic ,glad to be part of this great album,very cool compilation of songs Jim!!

Great album, lot's of fun


Review von ArkRockStudio am 12/29/2017

Awesome album. Glad to be a part.

The Greatest Creative Man


Review von Caroljoyce am 12/29/2017

Thanks a lot Jim for this album. So productive and inventive you are ! You're never short of ideas, and that's good for all the wikiloopers to listen to your music Jim.


Review von Demian am 12/29/2017

Thank you Jim allways glad to share some music with you. Great album Spurs fan!!

Pop Pop..


Review von davidaustin am 12/28/2017

Hey Jim from one pop pop to another a big thanks for all the fun, thanks for including me my friend.

Endless creativity


Review von frenzie am 12/28/2017

Hey jim your creativity adds so much to the loops we cannot keep up bro!! :D you keep surprising me and i love it when you come peeking up on a track of mine :) :) keep them brainsjuices flowing! Great album proud to part of this :) :)
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