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Latest Song here on Wikiloops

Latest Song here on Wikiloops
Über dieses Album:
Thanks for the music to play with and thanks for added to music I provided. As Pedro sez--"I'd like to see a lot more that"Leftdaloops1019 erstellt von Leftdaloops1019 on 01/18/2018

Daumen: 12
Hörer: 957 x

JEF29730 Chris-B Mikebanez Leftdaloops1019 axenvocs Demian PDMuzak WhiteDrum55 GreenDog Ernie440 davidaustin josepssv abuitremorem Neb Jolux GoneUser_200920 Anon518 jamlady ArkRockStudio heliandros frenzie Bothen onorium Fishinmissio

A great journey through time locations and feelings


Review von Jolux am 01/19/2018

Great Album, the music feels authentic and took me to different times, locations and perhaps styles.Every track presents an outstanding expression.So thank you to all artists on this Album.Thanks a lot GemmyF for your music and supporting us.I came late to the loops but I love it!


Review von Demian am 01/18/2018

Glad to be part of your Album. Glad to be part of your wikiloops friends. I dont know you in person but i know you are a very good person. Thanks Jim

Awesomely original


Review von Anon518 am 01/18/2018

So happy I brought the hillbilly out in you 🤠 Love you 💖

Quite the arteest


Review von Mikebanez am 01/18/2018

hey there brother!! your a talented artist musically and on paper did you draw that album cover? . a pleasure to be on you album thanks for that. i need to make an album,if i could just put down the instruments for a while.



Review von frenzie am 01/19/2018

Proud to be part of this outstanding album wth so nuch diversity, you just keep m coming jim!! :) :)


Review von davidaustin am 01/19/2018

Thank you for the having me on board Jim, another collection of great songs, awesome.


Review von PDMuzak am 01/18/2018

Wow ..This is really a cool album. Proud to be a part of it.


Review von JEF29730 am 01/18/2018

Thank you very much Gemmy, it makes me very happy ;)

Our own Zapista!


Review von Wade am 07/26/2020

A wonderfully wide ranging series of tracks with high levels of creativity at the core.

Stupendous Music by Mr Left-the-Loops


Review von Ernie440 am 07/26/2020

yeah man .. i'm groovin on this shite brah
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