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bizarre encounters 1

bizarre encounters 1
Über dieses Album:
Ich war unterwegs in den Weiten des Wiki-Universums und hatte 14 bizarre Begegnungen. Es gibt jede Menge zu entdecken hier bei den Loops was experimentelle Musik betrifft, aus diesem Grund hier ein kurzer Einblick ... gut möglich das weitere folgen werden ;o)
Experimentelle Musik ist Musik für besondere Momente, besondere Stimmungen ... insofern ist dies hier ein besonderes Album ... viel Spaß beim zuhören ;o)
Tausend Dank an alle beteiligten Musiker und natürlich an Dick (für wikiloops ;o)
Da Wikiloops von unser aller Spenden lebt hier meine Bitte an euch ... SUPPORT WIKILOOPS !Uloisius erstellt von Uloisius on 06/10/2018

Daumen: 14
Hörer: 898 x

millern52184 Basster Neddings Left081120 davidaustin AKchen Midoru Neb Leftdaloops1019 ArkRockStudio KaiPlan Jolux abuitremorem josepssv frankyguitar Wade kucho raiguero pconey Mikebanez PJE Caroljoyce voltaiclab nuno1959 RobM bluesdog Rob112 apsummerlin Pexe

thanks for the beginnings of a Bizarre catalog


Review von Leftdaloops1019 am 06/11/2018

Thanks Uli! for doing an album with the bizarro(s) of Wikiloops! Glad to be lumped in! Thanks for the time and the listening....even has nuno1932 on the LP!

A very cool gathering of musicians..


Review von davidaustin am 06/11/2018

Thank you for including me.



Review von josepssv am 06/11/2018

Yees! Bizarre selection!! :) Thank you very much, Uloisius!



Review von Tofzegrit am 06/11/2018

Feed me :)

A classifying view of the music in Wikiloops!


Review von abuitremorem am 06/11/2018

Great is the selection and compilation of music! I have heard this album with pleasure. I am very happy that I was able to be here and thank you for the new classification. That motivates me a lot Under the name "bizarre" is what is not mainstream. If you imagine the music in Wikiloops not as a two-dimensional Gaussian curve, but three-dimensionally as a cone, then here we find the music of the flat edges. So from the area furthest from the mainstream. If I'm not mistaken in my thinking, then it is to be concluded that in this album a Wikiloops specialty can be heard. Now I'm looking forward to the next album :)

Highly fascinating,experimental avant-garde music in Wikiloops


Review von frankyguitar am 06/11/2018

I listen all this experimental and unexpectedly music, with a great pleasure. Always it is fascinating to me to see the huge collection of most talented musicians here. Nothing from this collection is mainstream, nothing is bored. And thats great. Thank you very much Uli for your listen and collect all this fine music. And thank you very much I could be a little part of it. :)



Review von AKchen am 06/11/2018

thank you Uli for an amazing collection of virtuosic tracks here on wikiloops :) ... sometimes I prefere total harmony, sometimes I look for adventure ;D

A treasure chest full of musical jewels


Review von Jolux am 06/11/2018

A treasure chest full of musical jewels. Many thanks for this collection, which I probably would not have found without your doing. Original combination and variety of the pieces of music. Great musicians and artists as well. Looking forward to the sequel. Thank you for your support with this album, I am pleased to be here!

Woo! A bizarre bazaar to peruse


Review von BuzzBomber am 08/20/2018

Have not done the whole album yet, but heard some, recognize other tracks! good stuff!

My favorite album...


Review von bluesdog am 07/29/2018

... so far. Weird and wonderful. And thank you Uloisius for including me in this collection of bizarros.

Weird and wonderful


Review von TeeGee am 06/18/2018

Lol I listened several times to this collection of songs. There is some amazing stuff hiding in between the regular wiki songs, you just got to find them. Lucky us, as Ulo has already collected them all into one album, all we have to do is press play and enjoy :)

Atypical album


Review von Caroljoyce am 06/12/2018

Oh ! It is an atypical album. An eclectic selection. And a completely altruistic one, because you have not even put a song of you on this album Uli. Thank you for this compilation full of talent.

Odds and ends...mostly odds!


Review von Wade am 04/03/2021

Love these strange and compelling tracks. What a wonderful grouping.
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