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Folk & Co

Folk & Co
Über dieses Album:
9th album, here I grouped the artists who composed songs in the genre Folk, I added some melodies, there are great voices too: Nils / Brian / Shi with my little girl Erin ! . . Thank you allJypeka erstellt von Jypeka on 01/10/2019

Daumen: 10
Hörer: 479 x

ARNOSOLO Jypeka fanne LeftTheLoops9-18 onorium StJray Pewi ROBJOL slin Caroljoyce PJE GoneUser_200920 FrankieJ Lenny Cowler Ernie440 gwailoah jÜrGeN Shi wjl seriouss Silbrick

Merci qui ? Merci JP !


Review von ARNOSOLO am 01/11/2019

En voilà un bien bel album qui fait plaisir dans ses oreilles ! Merci JP pour cette superbe compil. Suis flatté d'être sur la moitié des pistes choisies ;-)

My 2nd downloaded album from Jypeka


Review von wjl am 01/10/2019

... and I have heard only two as of now :) What an honour and a pleasure to be part of this, and to have snuggled in between Erin, Shi, carottes et unicorns. And the celtic tracks alone are worth a download, they went straight into my personal hit list. Merci pour cette album extraordinaire :)

Thanks to Jypeka...


Review von slin am 01/14/2019

thanks so much for including me on this fantastic album Jypeca you are a fantastic violin player...;)

Folk & Co.


Review von StJray am 01/12/2019

Hey J.P., :) Thank you again for this wonderful compilation and pleasure for us to appreciate your immensity talent. BRAVO/Congratulations to all participants! Ray

Don't like Irish Coffee


Review von Navota am 01/11/2019

I don't like irish coffee but it is one of my favorite songs on your album. Verry cool album with great musicians

Wonderful Album JP&allP


Review von PJE am 01/11/2019

JP is so recognisable and to me always enriches music with inspiring style and elegance...This album is a great selection of beautiful tracks. Great privilege to be included amongst such a wealth of talent
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