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Cowler, Guadaña and Morningstar

Cowler, Guadaña and Morningstar
Über dieses Album:
Lenny Cowler, David(Guadaña)Afilada and Ken Morningstar
KMstar erstellt von KMstar on 05/12/2018

Daumen: 7
Hörer: 1079 x

Lenny Cowler KMstar Guadaña

Wiki power trio rocks!


Review von TeeGee am 06/08/2018

Listened to the album, another cool collection of Rock! Keep doing what you are doing lads!!

Really good trio


Review von GreenDog am 05/12/2018

Fantastic compilation from this great trio ,very cool album plenty of good rock .

Very good Album


Review von adu am 05/12/2018

Congratulations guys.

Love it!!


Review von Guadaña am 05/12/2018

Great selection of tracks bro!!!

Rock on!!!!!!


Review von Tofzegrit am 05/12/2018

Power trio guys! Another example of “around the world” wikiloops collab :)
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