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Über dieses Album:
Thanks to all the musicians involved in this album. You all are my rainbow when I can listen to your additions. And I also enjoyed a lot to complete some of yours. So nice to be here with all of you My Friends.Caroljoyce erstellt von Caroljoyce on 11/09/2018

Daumen: 11
Hörer: 404 x

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The Harpopess !


Review von Jypeka am 11/15/2018

always good ideas Agnès and original creativity ... beautiful album

Fantastic Album


Review von TeeGee am 11/13/2018

So cool, I listened to it several times. Very unique! I hope we can work on a few songs, I would love to cooperate with you :W . Respect!

A hidden gem!!


Review von mortheol am 11/11/2018

My Dear friend Agnesss is such a special gift to have on this site. She is a gentle soul with great creativity. She pushes the limits of her magically harp in fantastic ways. Thanks for including me and hopefully many more mystical music journeys to come.

Wow!! Very nice album


Review von GlezBass am 11/10/2018

Great selection of jams and.... thanks thanks so much for including me in such a select album

A very cool collection of music.


Review von davidaustin am 11/10/2018

Merci Agnesss for including me in your Album, the loops is a place full of very skilled musicians, as a lowly guitar player I am humbled to be included on your album. Thank you my friend.

So bright, so hypnotizing!


Review von Evilvince am 11/09/2018

This album brings perfectly a lot of of wonderfull vibes to the listeners because you talent is everywhere. All musicians enlighted your songs Agnès, and I'm so proud to be present on four tracks of this masterpiece my dear friend and talented friend!
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