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2018 blues album

2018 blues album
Über dieses Album:
So much great jams had to choose, thnx to all wiki friends and blues lovers you make me smile!!! :) :)frenzie erstellt von frenzie on 05/24/2018

Daumen: 9
Hörer: 717 x

ALawrence1 frenzie titi solozolo Don_T Stef Bothen Ernie440 Leftdaloops1019 jjdf slin Rickplayer petebass Mickey

The Bluesman


Review von ALawrence1 am 05/24/2018

An incredible honor to be included (twice) on this album by our resident Bluesman. Bravo Tom, Bravo!!

Real Blues Album!!


Review von Ernie440 am 05/24/2018

That's what you get from Frenzie, the real stuff! Real blues! Tom stays true to the artform and it's been my pleasure and honor to jam some blues with him right from my beginning jams on the loops! Glad to play here on a few tracks of this great collection.

Late to the party here


Review von Bothen am 08/16/2019

What an excellent group of songs you have here. Thanks a ton for having me on this Tom, always an honor!!

Blues guitar mann...


Review von slin am 06/08/2018

thanks for include me on this album Tom,some really cool blues you put together here...;)

If it ain't Frenzie it ain't the blues


Review von Don_T am 05/29/2018

Awesome album. True blues from beginning to end. Thank you so much, Tom for allowing me to be included in such an awesome work of blues art

Frenzie Blues rules!


Review von TeeGee am 05/29/2018

I grew up on the blues so it does not take a lot to get me listening to a blues album. But when Frenzie is playing, that's a double bonus as I greatly admire his guitaring. The tone, the feel, the technique - as good as they come. Sometimes it sounds straight out of 1968. Well done my friend, and a cool collection of songs you compiled :W

A Man and the Blues


Review von Stef am 05/26/2018

Tom ... a reference point for that like me loves the Blues! Thank you for making me feel great emotions by playing with you.

Yes, real Blues Album!!!


Review von Mickey am 05/24/2018

Iam so glad you include me in your Album Thanks for great moments on loops
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