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Once In A Blu Moon

Once In A Blu Moon
Über dieses Album:
Some favorite jams with my talented east coast bass playing friend Kmoon235. Keith has a great feel for many different genres of music. Blues, Rock, Country, 50's Rock and Roll, Latin, Folk, and many more. It's always a great honor to jam with him, his awesome skill of enhancing my original songs is apparent on this album, hope you agree. The opportunity to make an album like this is exciting and a challenge for me being it's my first attempt. Hope you enjoy the tracks I chose as much as I did playing and singing them.
Thanks again to my good friend Keith for making this album possible. bluvation erstellt von bluvation on 08/26/2019

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bluvation kmoon235

Thanks Gerry


Review von kmoon235 am 08/26/2019

What an honor this is to be included with you on this album my friend. I have made up CD's of our music together for some family members and they all mention the obvious-how talented you are. I tell them to get over it and listen to the bass.:):):):) A true honor my friend and thank you for the absolute privilege of being included with your talent on this album.:) keith



Review von fblack am 11/13/2019

2 talented friends joined in a great album and it's great !!

Yeeehaaaa :)


Review von TeeGee am 09/02/2019

I loves me a concept album, this one is really nicely put together, same sound for all songs, cool :)

Great Album


Review von deezee am 08/27/2019

Really cool work you guys... I love this album! :)
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