Über dieses Album:
Behind this Album, good moments are hidden with these magnificent musicians and friends...Thanks
ivax erstellt von ivax on 07/14/2018

Daumen: 22
Hörer: 1285 x

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Xavier the magnificent


Review von axenvocs am 07/14/2018

your playing always delights my friend ,honored to be among the great musicians



Review von davidaustin am 07/14/2018

Hey Xavi your guitar shines very brightly and it is always fun to make music with you, thank you for including me.
Major 3rd



Review von Major 3rd am 07/14/2018

Xavi is a great player and always a participant in many different styles as this album reveals...What a great selection of songs and great players..thanks for including me xavi!! cheers

Texas Chainsaw


Review von PDMuzak am 07/14/2018

Thanks for including me in this great collaboration. This track seemed to gel together rather quickly. Peace..PD

Great Album from Xavi!


Review von Ernie440 am 07/14/2018

Proud to play on several tracks here, proud to know Xavi as a great musician and friend. Always great feeling in his play with his very distinctive Spanish flavored sound. Always good stuff!! :)

What a great album


Review von Offfocus am 07/14/2018

Xavi .. what a cool rock album .. I love your guitar, as you know.. and the arrangements here are really cool!! And I am very proud I was chosen to be included on this one, Xavi .. thanks!!!

Wonderful musical collection


Review von PJE am 07/14/2018

Such great music from Xavi and all the friends who are behind this album.....I couldn’t be more proud, than to be one of them

Xavi..One of a kind!


Review von mortheol am 07/15/2018

Xavi is that elite type of guitar player whom you instantly know with the first ring of a note from his guitar. A truly rare quality!! He is one of my favorite guitar players to pick up my bass and play with. Great timing, great rhythm, and great feeling from his heart. Gracias mi amigo:D

Your big heart, your great guitar


Review von Stef am 07/15/2018

Fantastic tracks my friend! A pleasure and honor to be present in this great Album!

Wow! I'm not on this!! 😂


Review von DirkL am 06/02/2021

Every Xavi album is full of his distinctive sound, versatile and agile, a true music lover and a gentleman. I give Xavi 5 out of 5 🤩

Great Album Xavi!


Review von gwailoah am 07/27/2018

Wow, my vocal gets to kick off this excellent album. Great assemblage of musicians from across the wikiloops genres, tied together with Xavi' signature guitar sound and style. Honoured to be included on this collection. Gracias mi amigo!



Review von ARNOSOLO am 07/16/2018

Ths so much to share this album my friend ! So proud to play with you bro !



Review von Guadaña am 07/16/2018

Grandisimo elenco de artistas del que me complace formar parte. Gran selección de temas y gran ejecución del gran Xavi a las guitarras, en definitiva gran disco!!!!
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