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Portrait Of A Looser

Portrait Of A Looser
Über dieses Album:
In My daily life I´m on a project wich has to decide weather I´m am too bad in my physical funktionality to go back to the "working class" again. these people are simply the most outstanding I have ever met. So for that reason I decided that I would upload and release this very special edition of song tracks that I have created over the time here on the loops. All the songs are already released on other CD´s but I want this to be very special dedication to show these people my thankfulness for their wonderful job.The name of the team is: "Team Trust Life". (Team TL). The album "Portrait Of A Loser" will for that reason forever be a gift for this team. I´m so incredibly thrilled that this is possibåle. I could never have done this without all you wonderful people-loopers. :) The word Love is not an expression I can use any more when I speak about you. You are "My everything". THank you so much. <3 Love you.Peterpingo erstellt von Peterpingo on 10/15/2018

Daumen: 2
Hörer: 395 x

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Always an honnor to be appreciate from others


Review von khangurumc am 10/20/2018

Thank you Peter ,music give us a lot of happiness,joy and friendship.I wish you the best for the future. Marc

Music that Soothes the Soul and Heart


Review von Itocpogo am 10/15/2018

I Love Peter's music and to have an album with the talents of these other Wonderful musicians creates a mood that builds my joy as I travel the journey to each song!! It was my honor and pleasure to be included!!!! Thanks so much for your Creativity and Beauty!!!
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