Über dieses Album:
More fun jams with my friends on Wikiloops - rock on, funk on, etc :)bhunt1 erstellt von bhunt1 on 11/24/2018

Daumen: 9
Hörer: 365 x

TheJazzMan Shi bhunt1 Koldov PJE RobM Mickey solozolo frankyguitar StonyCat marocon kucho Keeper Mikebanez ivax bluvation ARNOSOLO peatric Herman420 apsummerlin rp3drums davidaustin adu bvuster mortheol WHITEPONGO Pawlik Don_T MajorTom_III

Fantastic Album


Review von ivax am 11/24/2018

What?a pleasure for me your adds feel groove,amigo Brian

Super Sweetness


Review von Don_T am 11/24/2018

Awesome album, Brian.. you got my head bopping like a dog in the back window :) Thanks so much for including me in such an well rounded project. Hope to jump on some more cool tunes with you :)



Review von Mickey am 11/24/2018

Who, where, what !!! Ahhh, its a cool Album and thanks for including me!!!!

Great Collection


Review von frankyguitar am 11/24/2018

Fantastic collection of great music in many different styles. And the red thread holds everything together is you, Brian. Thank you very much for being a little part in this cool album.

Great eclectic mix of music and musicians


Review von RobM am 11/24/2018

Great album Brian ... Great mix of music and musicians .... Great honour to be amongst such great talent šŸ˜€

A Nice Variety of Talent and Music Styles


Review von bluvation am 11/24/2018

I'm honored to be included on this album, thanks Brian.

A very cool collection...


Review von davidaustin am 11/24/2018

Thank you for including me on your album Brian, I am grateful for all the support you give. Cheers my friend.

Solid as they come...


Review von mortheol am 11/24/2018

One awesome solid groove machine!!!! Thanks Brian for making me a part of your album, looking forward to more.

Talent of many styles


Review von Mikebanez am 11/24/2018

thanks Brian for including me on your What? albumšŸŗ

Excellent album


Review von ARNOSOLO am 11/26/2018

Thx so much to share this awesome album my friend ;-)

thank you


Review von kucho am 11/27/2018

this first time iam in something

smashing beer bottle


Review von kucho am 11/27/2018


in the haven


Review von kucho am 11/27/2018

nice like hugging mother angel
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