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BOSSA et Cie

BOSSA et Cie
Über dieses Album:
12th album Bossa Latino style because,
I like this music that invites you to move, to swing when you play it too
As usual I invited myself on your beautiful compositions ...................... Once again thank you all! Jypeka erstellt von Jypeka on 03/14/2019

Daumen: 7
Hörer: 424 x

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Very honoured to be among contributors


Review von bassman78fr am 03/14/2019

Very honored to be among the contributors to your CD. I have a marked inclination for South American music. Thanks again to you. :)

Twelve jewels WL music...


Review von GlezBass am 03/14/2019

I have enjoyed the audition of all these tracks, many of them are familiar to me for having collaborated in them and for that I thank Jean Paul :) :)

Nice !!!


Review von Filo974 am 12/21/2019

Merci de m'avoir fait participer à ton album JPK. Très heureux. Ton son est vraiment magnifique ! Thank you for making me participate in your album, JPK. Very happy :) And your sound is really beautiful!


Review von FrankieJ am 03/18/2019

An honor to be included in your works my friend :)
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