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First Light

First Light
Über dieses Album:
So much experiences I can't describre on this 1st album ... Thanks to everyone and be happy !Filo974 erstellt von Filo974 on 07/22/2019

Daumen: 7
Hörer: 366 x

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Review von ericblom am 07/26/2019

You made a really nice selection of tracks; it shows your a very good guitar player. I like your style and thank you for being part of this album.

Aloha Maloya Riddim ;)


Review von GuitarPlyr am 07/24/2019

Really cool to be a part in this fisrt light w bassman01 , we' ve got a lot of fun to jam on you' re great 6/8 vibes :)

Fresh Rhythms


Review von GlezBass am 07/22/2019

Since we started sharing jams Phillip and I, we've always been attracted to that kind of ethnic rhythms that we like both. This album has jams that are a sample of this common taste. Phillip is a very creative guitarist and singer and for me it is an honor to be included in several of the tracks of this album. Thanks for that
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