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Slow Songs

Slow Songs
Über dieses Album:
Singerjamlady erstellt von jamlady on 08/04/2019

Daumen: 9
Hörer: 353 x

SlonMusic Johnnievocal Rickplayer gwailoah Lysbleu jamlady Fred Dick Aydenmanza TeeGee BuzzBomber ERWAN Jolux Mikebanez fanne bluvation pkliesch Lenny Cowler ROBJOL ALawrence1 Offfocus morgan102 Ernie440 Fishinmissio Grathy

Cool Stuff JL


Review von TeeGee am 08/20/2019

I listened to this album in a loop 3 times, it's nicely put together. And I am not saying this just because you included me :D :D :D

with my favorite singers


Review von ERWAN am 08/06/2019

If someone had told me that I would be included in an album with other singers, I would have not believe. Very proud to be included to your collection.

A Beautiful Collection of Music


Review von bluvation am 08/04/2019

I feel very honored to be included in this collection of beautiful songs.

So many Angels...


Review von ROBJOL am 08/04/2019

So beautiful songs. To my heart.

A Masterpiece


Review von ALawrence1 am 08/04/2019

So honored to be included in this exquisite collection.

A Fine Collection


Review von Grathy am 11/29/2019

I'm honored to be included with this compilation. Thank you!
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