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Über dieses Album:
Es un placer compartir pequeños momentos de nuestras vidas con un poco de música. Gracias por esos buenos momentos!
It is a pleasure to share small moments of our lives with some music. Thank you for those good times!fblack erstellt von fblack on 01/25/2020

Daumen: 12
Hörer: 395 x

fblack CI Section DanDiplo ivax mortheol voodooking Carpenter Dafunkydrummer mrrockero Ernie440 Lenny Cowler Stef Wikimark bluvation KaiPlan mpointon kapone120 adu magirtiko ERWAN Mikebanez Neca Evilvince

Buenos momentos


Review von ivax am 01/26/2020

excelente Album Hugo,gracias por incluirme en este trabajo ,es siempre un placer escucharte,amigo

Amazing song!


Review von Evilvince am 01/26/2020

I'm honored to be in this wonderful album... Thumbs up!

Fblack is music!!


Review von Mickey am 01/26/2020

Great my friend!!
CI Section

Great Momentos


Review von CI Section am 01/26/2020

Awesome album, Hugo! Great to be a part of it - thanks!

Really great music times


Review von magirtiko am 01/25/2020

Honored to be listed in your album, Hugo :W Thank you so much for that :)

Momentos musicales fabulosos


Review von bluvation am 01/25/2020

I'm happy and honored to be included in your fabulous album Hugo, a wonderful collection of beautiful musical moments from you and all the other great and talented musicians you've featured here. Thanks my friend.

Moody & Emotional


Review von Carpenter am 02/02/2020

A great musical collection you have served here; thank you so much for being part of this :)

Ver cool collection!


Review von TeeGee am 01/28/2020

Had it running for a few hours in a loop, I enjoyed it a lot! Keep on Wikilooping yo!!

Fun times with Hugo


Review von mortheol am 01/26/2020

Hugo, thanks so much for including me on this album. You made really good song choices for the entire album. I am looking forward to many more jams my friend!!

the power of sound


Review von ERWAN am 01/26/2020

Great Collection Hugo. Glad to be a part of it
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