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Acoustic Jams - vol 1

Acoustic Jams - vol 1
Über dieses Album:
So many thanks to :
Mario - the sparkle
/ titi - the nugget
/ bassman78fr - the quiet
/ Cassius - the icing on the cake
/ ivax - the adventurer
/ Wade - the great watcher
/ 21UR (André) - the discreet subtle
- Great WL musicians onboard for this first volume of acoustic compilation. Love you all unknown friends !Filo974 erstellt von Filo974 on 02/03/2023

Daumen: 6
Hörer: 107 x

GlezBass Filo974 ivax Pewi 21UR titi bassman78fr Cassius Wade
yannis bas



Review von yannis bas am 02/04/2023

Un des premiers potos que je me suis fait sur wikiloops et ce n' est pas sans raison, la preuve encore que tu as beaucoup a partager .Bravo pour cet zlbum

Our island friend


Review von titi am 02/04/2023

Thank you for including me in this acoustic compilation. Your musical inspiration is so original, it reflects all the cultural influences that have crossed the history of your island. This produces an original and strong musical identity of which you are the perfect representative. We love you too !

Good condensed music....


Review von GlezBass am 02/04/2023

Phil is one of the musicians with whom I tune in the most here because of his way of playing, creativity, conception of music and his ability to sing while playing the guitar... this musical selection is proof of this, as always grateful for include me in some of their songs, and because wikiloops united us despite being thousands of kilometers away... This morning I enjoyed your audition and a bit of drumming in one of our jams...

A musician who knows how to fascinate


Review von Pewi am 02/04/2023

Philip is a musician who knows how to fascinate with his music. A style of music that for me is still a breath of surprise and challenge. It is a great honor for me to have contributed to this beautiful collection. Thank you for that and for your music.

Creative Master!


Review von Wade am 02/03/2023

A very good album that demonstrates Filo's range of creative endeavors and his ability to inspire others and bring out the best in them.

Duendeando con Felipe


Review von ivax am 02/03/2023

It is a pleasure to listen to this Album, full of interesting and beautiful melodies, I love the soul that each note contains

Great Album


Review von bassman78fr am 02/05/2023

Very honored to be among the contributors to this album. You have a real talent as a composer and a proven sense of musicality. As soon as I see a new jam signed "Filo", I rush to listen to it.

An specific and nice album


Review von Krasimir am 02/04/2023

Great musicians and selection.Like it.
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