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Wiki Blues.

Wiki Blues.
Über dieses Album:
A album of some of my favorite Blues songs on wikiloops.vol.1.slin erstellt von slin on 01/16/2021

Daumen: 15
Hörer: 332 x

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Oh Lord !


Review von titi am 01/17/2021

Mister Blue always sings the things of life with passion. Love, disenchantment, god and doubts ... The blues of life. And often on Tuesday ;)

The Blues are Forever!


Review von ALawrence1 am 01/16/2021

Excellent collection Nils. Thanks for including one of mine.



Review von Tu am 01/16/2021

What a fine collection Nils ❤ Its a great honour to be included ❤ thanks so much my friend for including me.❤

Great listening


Review von MorganLeFey am 02/13/2021

It is a huge compliment to have featured on this album, what a cool listen!

A man with taste


Review von Bothen am 01/18/2021

That's some great tracks you have here Nils, a real pleasure to listen to this album. Keep on bluesing my friend!!
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