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All The Moods

All The Moods
Über dieses Album:
Thanks to Nick and Friendsadu erstellt von adu on 05/07/2022

Daumen: 5
Hörer: 114 x

adu rootshell JEF29730 Anrak davidaustin rp3drums Ernie440 bassman78fr PJE Blazer


Review von MySounds am 05/14/2022

Great collection with great musicians. This is going to go on the car stereo.

A Master Rocker!


Review von rootshell am 05/09/2022

Andreas, you simply have that "sauce" for creating catchy and classic pieces of rock art. This is a great collection of your creative force! Rock on brotha!


Review von Anrak am 05/08/2022

Adu, you simply have a flair, some call it a gift, for catchy wonderful chord progressions. Not everyone has even in the professional field (must be said here). And I was able to participate, big thanks for that!!!

A wonderful collection of songs.


Review von davidaustin am 05/08/2022

Another fantastic album Andreas, thank you for including me.
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