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Blue Woxbox

Blue Woxbox
Über dieses Album:
I keep going back to the blues, and the great artists here at Wikiloops couldn't help more when it comes to creating the perfect mix of inspiration and great musicianship to help me along. Thanks everyone. These tracks span the three years I've been a member here. It's been a great fun and I look forward to more jams. Woxbox erstellt von Woxbox on 05/09/2022

Daumen: 2
Hörer: 151 x

Balfo Woxbox MajorTom_III Stef GoneUser_200920 docnat Baer Rickplayer Keeper JMB65 Marceys jmrukkers laurentsax FFMBasser magirtiko Dafunkydrummer carlottis mpointon Bradford hartmut StJray


Review von carlottis am 05/09/2022

Fantastico grupo de canciones has juntado, gracias por incluirme amigo me hace muy feliz estar un poco en tus pensamientos ☺️
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"Wikiloops is my music instructor ! The musicians I have met here are extremely talented and wanting to be helpful.. always with a smile :) Thanks !!"

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