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Voices V3

Voices V3
Über dieses Album:
This album version 3 compilation of tracks featuring some of our wonderful singer/songwriters here on Wikiloops.
Thank You for the wonderful songs. Thank you to all the players who provided instrumentation for these tracks.
FrankieJ erstellt von FrankieJ on 05/30/2022

Daumen: 11
Hörer: 189 x

FrankieJ Fishinmissio mdn durinworld jamlady PJE Riffraff Groovinz Marceys khangurumc titi bluesdog jimkarol ROBJOL Mickey Jypeka Grathy blumartini Andel bassman78fr carlottis WanHu StJray Tu rp3drums Ernie440 rootshell MikeyJ bluvation JDF

Splendid album and voices


Review von bassman78fr am 05/30/2022

Very honored to be among the contributors of this splendid Album. They are all excellent musicians and voices that embed your compositions. Thanks again, Frankie.

Honored to be included!


Review von Grathy am 06/01/2022

It's always such a nice surprise to be included with such a fine roster of artists. Great job by everybody!

Pure joy of playing!


Review von Mickey am 05/31/2022

Pure joy of playing! When I hear your pieces, I can't do anything else I hit record and I'm in Frankie Land!!

Great guitarist, Great Album -


Review von Ernie440 am 05/31/2022

Always pro style play, technically and creatively from Frankie and a pleasure to listen to for sure ... honored to make it in the playlist! :W

So nice.


Review von ROBJOL am 05/31/2022

Musicians here make so beautiful work. A lot better than what we hear on the radio. Thanks for being part ot this wonderful band.

Fantastic collection


Review von Riffraff am 05/30/2022

Magnificent collection of music Frankie. Great choice for the opening track too. I love JDF's style. I'm very honored to be included in this beautiful album.

Super Compilation


Review von rootshell am 05/30/2022

What an assortment of tracks, amazing work! Thank you Frankie for the inclusion, very honored 🧡

Great Collection of Music, Lyric and Song


Review von bluvation am 05/30/2022

Your guitar playing brings out the song in all of us Frankie, I'm honored that you included one of mine, thank you.

I hear voices


Review von Jypeka am 05/30/2022

It's good to make a compil of the voices ... magnificent instrument !

Great collection


Review von bluesdog am 05/30/2022

...of heartfelt songs Frankie. Thanks for including me!

Fab Fab Fab


Review von Tu am 05/30/2022

A stunning assortment of wonderful music. Thank you for including me its an honor!❤❤❤

Muchas gracias


Review von carlottis am 05/30/2022

Agradable compilacion de canciones con colegas del mundo, muchas gracias por incluirme 👍🏻
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