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Saving Energy Songs

Saving Energy Songs
Über dieses Album:
At the moment everybody in Holland is talking about saving energy and turning down the heating and wearing a thick sweater.So I thought some heart - warming music can do no harm. But also a few faster songs to move on. This time also some songs on the melodica my mother played when I was a child. Thanks to all the musicians who inspired me to make these songs.Navota erstellt von Navota on 11/09/2022

Daumen: 7
Hörer: 242 x

Mika Tohve Navota Drumlegend Ronflox DanDiplo rootshell ivax StJray bassman78fr Zoot JeanPaul66 adu FrankieJ dimeomax Offfocus fanne bluvation kmoon235 Trommelkloppe ROBJOL deezee davidaustin

Saving energy songs


Review von Zoot am 11/09/2022

Some great stuff on this album and I am honoured to be included amongst such eminent loopers, twice! I was converted to the NASF here and now own a few. Pour your self a glass of wine, light some candles and run a bath , you deserve to hear this, enjoy.



Review von Navota am 11/09/2022

Reading the text over and over to make no mistakes and now that the album is online I see the error on the cover.

fantastic Album


Review von ivax am 11/09/2022

Thanks for share your Job,Navota,thank you for including me in this wonderful collection

Wonderful Collection of Music


Review von bluvation am 11/09/2022

Thanks for including one of my tracks in this wonderful collection of music, really enjoyed listening to this assortment of wiki talent along with your beautiful flute playing.

Thanks for this album


Review von bassman78fr am 11/09/2022

Very honored to be among the contributors of this album. Moreover very successful

Wonderful Job!!!


Review von kmoon235 am 11/10/2022

Fantastic music here by some very talented Loopers. I am so happy to be included with these artists. Downloaded so I can continue to enjoy this wonderful album. Thank you Rian.:):) keith

Wonderful Album Of Songs


Review von deezee am 11/10/2022

Thank you for including mine.

Wonderful album.


Review von davidaustin am 11/09/2022

Thank you for including me on this album, very cool.

Nice album


Review von ROBJOL am 11/10/2022

Very nice album Rian. And very happy to be part of it.
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