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Slow Relaxing Rock

Slow Relaxing Rock
Über dieses Album:
Selection of Slow Rock relaxing jam tracks, done by various great WIKI musicians and fiends and my modest contribution. Krasimir erstellt von Krasimir on 09/06/2022

Daumen: 6
Hörer: 147 x

davidaustin Krasimir LittleWing Carlomac WhiteDrum55 Al-Fadista tonyx62 M4fp frankiejazz Itocpogo rootshell Face Tu ivax timp FDLDJ dflanagan JeanPaul66 MikeyJ Bradford eothen kucho deezee Wikimark

Slow Relaxing Rock Album


Review von FDLDJ am 09/07/2022

Hi Kraismir, :) Thanks so much! I am very honored and happy that you have added me to your Slow Relaxing Rock a great album! ;)

Cool and Soulful!!!!


Review von Itocpogo am 09/06/2022

Fantastic music that makes you relax and smile!!! Thank You so much for including me with these Wonderful musicians!!

Master Krasimir


Review von ivax am 09/08/2022

thank you for sharing these wonderful moments, your activity is great, I appreciate that you count on me to enjoy this album with these magnificent musicians and friends

Splendid Collection


Review von Tu am 09/06/2022

Thankyou for including me in this stylish albumšŸ˜€congratulations ā¤ā¤ā¤

Awesome collection of music.


Review von davidaustin am 09/06/2022

Thank you for including me Krasimir.



Review von M4fp am 09/06/2022

Thanks for choosing a track of mine, with lot of fine musicians!! Great selection.

Lotā€™s of great music


Review von MikeyJ am 09/20/2022

Some great music .Thanks for including me alongside some great musicians in this fine collection
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