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Fretless Vibes by bhunt1

Fretless Vibes

Fretless Vibes
Über dieses Album

It is a pleasure and a privilege to play with such fine musicians here on Wikiloops. Thank you! bhunt1 erstellt von bhunt1 on 12.11.2022

Daumen: 10
Hörer: 302 x


Great Collection


Review von tonyx62 am 13.11.2022

So many friends gathered on these wonderful tracks. Great pleasure to be a part of it. Thank you

Vibes Galore


Review von WildGoat am 13.11.2022

Got me listening to tracks I've never heard before .. Great... Big time thank you .. for being a part of your album.

Awesome Album


Review von deezee am 12.11.2022

Love the Collection of Tracks with you fantastic bass Brian. Thank you for including me :)

Great album.


Review von davidaustin am 12.11.2022

Thanks for including me Brian, great tracks great musos.

Vibey and Colorful


Review von Carpenter am 12.11.2022

A lot to discover in your fine selection of great tracks. Thanks very much for having me included:)
Major 3rd

Good Vibes


Review von Major 3rd am 12.11.2022

Great collection of songs with brians cool bass riffin & adds...Lots of good tunes crammed in this album many of which open for more adds...cheers
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I love this place!! its all about the music&supporting eachother nothing else!! :)
frenzie from Netherlands

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