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Über dieses Album:
Herzlichen Dank allen Musikern!jamlady erstellt von jamlady on 10/24/2022

Daumen: 6
Hörer: 178 x

OliVBee marmotte Marceys GlezBass Cristóbal Liesching JMB65 OKO Dafunkydrummer jussef63 nadrek Itocpogo jamlady Blind-Dog PJE Ernie440 Bradford slin Ezdrummer Wade khangurumc WildGoat Blazer gimproviser ROBJOL

a great album.


Review von slin am 10/26/2022

a really fine collection you put together here Claudia and thanks for including me here.;)



Review von Bradford am 10/25/2022

Thanks for creating this compilation. Honored to be included. Nice stuff here.

Good music in little space (8 tracks)!!


Review von GlezBass am 10/25/2022

Claudia, a great selection, so many good musicians and singers playing for the pleasure of collaborating in the music cannot be condensed in so few tracks!!! It is very nice to hear!! And if you select me twice to be part of your album I'll give you double thanks!!



Review von khangurumc am 10/25/2022

Thank you Claudia,really proud to be part of your Album along with fantastic musicians.



Review von Ezdrummer am 10/25/2022

Thank you Claudia for including me.



Review von WildGoat am 10/24/2022

Love the vibe. Sat back and listened to it in a comfy chair. Felt like was in a dance club sipping illegal Whisky Sours .. Great. Thank you for including me.

Super album


Review von ROBJOL am 10/24/2022

So good musicians and artists on wikiloops. This is a wonderful album and I am very proud to be part of it.
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