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Funky Shine

Funky Shine
Über dieses Album:
More fun jams with my friends here - thanks everyone!bhunt1 erstellt von bhunt1 on 01/18/2023

Daumen: 4
Hörer: 122 x

Ezdrummer davidaustin bhunt1 Bradford ivax Charli56 JeanPaul66 mrrockero DanDiplo JEF29730 Mika Tohve woXey jamlady adu Zenon FrankieJ rp3drums ArkRockStudio

Great album


Review von Bradford am 01/18/2023

Some really cool material in there, all made better with your bass.
Herring K

Cool album with a funky feel


Review von Herring K am 01/18/2023

Been listening to the album on a loop this afternoon, your bass sounds as good as ever!! Some cool tracks and some fine playing from all musicians. Definitely worth a listening :W

Great album.


Review von davidaustin am 01/18/2023

Thank you for including me on this album Brian, a great collection of music.
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