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Insanity ...unleached

Insanity  ...unleached
Über dieses Album:
... when I started over two years ago at the Loops I would not have thought that it will come sometime to release an album on this platform. At that time my "little" band broke up and I was sick in bed. See it just before the holidays as a gift from me to the community. So to everyone the biggest thanks. Although I would have loved to do it, I couldn't immortalize all my comrades-in-arms of the last year. I had to make a selection and decided to create an album as balanced as possible in style and also sound. A few of my favorite songs are missing and so are a few of my favorite Loopers. Other Loopers unfortunately play the same instrument as I do, I would have liked to immortalize here too (yes, you two are meant). I could learn a lot from you two. Also to you my thanks are addressed. So now enough of the words us all sliders to the right!!!Anrak erstellt von Anrak on 12/22/2022

Daumen: 6
Hörer: 212 x

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So good


Review von Baerenkind am 12/23/2022

This is really a powerful collection of pure metal. Well done Anrak a pleasure to listen.



Review von Offfocus am 12/23/2022

Hey Anrak, as you may know - this is not the style of music I am familiar with... but this album is really absolutely great.. I totally enjoyed listening this super powerful flow! Great job, man! And the cover!! What a cool creation!

So Polshed with Exellent Musicianship


Review von TEE-KWA am 12/23/2022

This Woke Me Up This Morning.... What a great collection of tracks.... It really works... Hats off to you all.



Review von rootshell am 12/23/2022

hard core metal at it's finest, killer tracks Anrak. very honored to be a part of your album. great work my friend, keep the metal flowing!!



Review von Anrak am 12/22/2022

... oh a typo, fits anyway.
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