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Über dieses Album:
The 2nd Album. Choices were made on feel. To all the nusicians involved. You are all more than wonderful. Thank you.WildGoat erstellt von WildGoat on 01/15/2023

Daumen: 10
Hörer: 110 x

Youdy jamlady FrankieJ WildGoat frenzie Bothen Ernie440 MikeyJ woXey Cantaloopo ROBJOL Mike_66 Dafunkydrummer Stef KaiPlan Al-Fadista Lenny Cowler JoeOnBass DanDiplo axenvocs rootshell irlenn Andri BigDaddyCee jhonrobert

Great album


Review von ROBJOL am 01/16/2023

Happy to be part of this so good album.



Review von zedders am 01/16/2023

Fantastic from beginning to end, this album really works. I'm a big fan of your singing.

Nice collection of Billy!


Review von Ernie440 am 01/16/2023

Honoured to be part of this great album!!

Raw emotion


Review von MikeyJ am 01/16/2023

This is a beautiful album .A variety of genres but unified by Billy’s soulful vocals which ooze with raw emotion .This can sometimes can be a difficult listen as Billy isn’t afraid to bare his soul to the world .This can be painful as it is hard not to feel it with him.The musicianship on this album is outstanding so congratulations to everyone involved .Thanks for including me , I am honoured to be a part of this wonderful project

Yes! Rockin' with the WildGoat!


Review von JoeOnBass am 01/15/2023

Lots of fun making all this music together, thanks for including me.
Herring K

Very unique collection of songs


Review von Herring K am 01/25/2023

The Herring King Band salutes the Goat! You got a very distinctive style, very deep lyrics and your vocals are full of soul and feeling. Well done, and I look forward hearing more of your stuff!!

Gothic Frolic


Review von Ivanovitch am 01/16/2023

Big voice, dark lyrics and when the mood of the tune lightens the Goat keeps us anchored in melancholy. But it's not all black ... There are snippets of hope and light in the short but sweet, I Will be There I Hear Voices is an anthem
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