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Über dieses Album:
The Blues is something that hurts the Soul. It can also uplift it.WildGoat erstellt von WildGoat on 02/20/2023

Daumen: 5
Hörer: 188 x

PJE Marceys JMB65 Blazer jhonrobert WildGoat JodyTripp MikeyJ slin Bothen voodooking Stef ivax PaulTreff frenzie Ernie440 Danny Balfo Mika Tohve Carpenter bongo357 Krasimir ROBJOL

Feeling the Blues


Review von Bothen am 02/20/2023

To play the Blues you really need to feel the Blues. Billy feels the Blues. Thanks for having me on here, you have some serious Blues players feeling it.

An nice album for king style Blues


Review von Krasimir am 02/20/2023

Extraordinary thematical selection, good atmosphere and musicians. Thank you for including our common track.

Awesome Blues Album!


Review von Ernie440 am 02/20/2023

You can tell Billy feels the blues when he's singing them. Great performances from the voice of experience. Honoured to be part of this cool collection.. oh yeah!! :W:W

Awesome Album!


Review von Carpenter am 02/20/2023

Thanks for having me included:)

Masterful Blues


Review von ivax am 02/20/2023

:W:W fantastic Billy :) Thanks for including me in this great Album... a pleasure
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