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Metal taste of Rock

Metal taste of Rock
Über dieses Album:
Special selection with metal taste and dynamic harmony. Done with great Wiki friendsKrasimir erstellt von Krasimir on 03/18/2023

Daumen: 6
Hörer: 93 x

mortheol rootshell Krasimir Al-Fadista PJE JeanPaul66 Ezdrummer davidaustin ivax Fabricio L Lenny Cowler KyleGalaz solozolo frenzie peatric Face JEF29730 Carlomac

:W Rockin'


Review von rootshell am 03/19/2023

thx for including me Krasimir, great collection of tracks, congrats!

Metal and Rock


Review von peatric am 03/18/2023

very nice selected tracks from you...thank you for being there šŸ‘Œ

Mr Krasimir


Review von ivax am 03/18/2023

fantastic Album,thanks for share,amigo :W:W
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