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HH XIV Dark Days by ivax

HH XIV Dark Days

HH XIV Dark Days
Über dieses Album

Four true strangers to each other, who one day met on Wikiloops and drop by drop a cordial atmosphere of mutual respect and complicity was created. I am honored by the musical friendship that surrounds each of these 14 jams that complete with 14 Albums that we have shared with all of you...Feel free brothers.
There are dark days when a little music makes even the darkest night shine. Mayo 2024 ivax erstellt von ivax on 21.05.2024

Daumen: 4
Hörer: 151 x


Great album


Review von Krasimir am 22.05.2024

Bunch of great friends with great selection of jam tracks.

Dark days indeed.. music brightens the day.


Review von davidaustin am 22.05.2024

I am and always amazed at the musical ideas that come out of the four of us, when I joined the loops many years ago I never thought that I would last very long. I thank you Ezio, Xavi and Dirk for the amazing musical journey, I am very humbled to be in your company.

At the top the name Headless Horsemen


Review von Ezdrummer am 22.05.2024

Our album 14 is released and we have to ask ourselves how all this was possible given that we have never met live. The answer lies in the fact that we have always believed in it and each of the four of us, even in the midst of personal adversities, never wanted to miss the appointment with our adventure companions. Thank you David, Dirk and Xavi for these moments. Let's go ahead and raise the Headless Horsemen name high.

The last 6 months have been rough!


Review von DirkL am 22.05.2024

I have gone to battle with a giant enemy, the monster that is moving! This album from my perspective was made with little time to spare, but was made with love as always with the gents Sir David, Xavi, and Ezio.
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