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The Socks Album

The Socks Album
Über dieses Album:
Started last year with some vocal tracks....
Enjoyed me very much and put an album together...thanks all for the great rides! Marceys erstellt von Marceys on 12/29/2015

Daumen: 13
Hörer: 1590 x

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Too Much Words To Say!


Review von aleonz am 12/30/2015

I almost lose all my words to express how I admire your talent, excellent composer who always serve a very tasty tracks on the music table, and since this excellent bundle of joy is contained your vocal tracks , and even I've got a few wonderful times to blend in with your voice, but I haven't got a chance to give the proper review for your vocal work ,so I think this is the perfect time to do that.

Marc for me you are a very cool vocalist, your pitch, the way you flow with the song, your style of singing, your approach to the song you sing, never failed to chill me out.

You have a very nice smooth and sweet texture in your voice and vocal tone, you have your unique signature on that, for me I will recognize your voice even if I don't know it was you, in other words you have your own special color in your voice.

Another special thing is the way you build your wonderful harmonies. The last but not least is your writing skill, you might said you just write a fun things on your lyrics, but man ...not all people can come up with that kind of interesting topic and sing it in a very cool way like you did.

Your music, your keys, your voice...I don't have any reason not to enjoy and love this beautiful album!

You are a special gift for wikiloops, and I'm so glad to found you!



Alice said it all ^^


Review von Funkystan am 04/17/2016

Alice said it all... She's got a voice and she's got the words^^
I couldn't say it in better words and I'd like to add to her comment that your work is inspirational for me and I guess for others.
I've joined you in some tracks (and will..)and so spent hours playing with you. You've got an impressive sober and tight way to play and build a track. Everything is spotted at the right place. It leads me to try to play better and so boosts me. That signature is also there when you sing. That's your very own pro style and touch.
Many thanks Marc ^^

Dressing Records Presents:


Review von Tofzegrit am 12/28/2015

I was waiting for it !
You can keep your socks on is one of your best to me!
I've seen this guy increased his vocals skills and in one year period, I must admire him!
I like your style a lot :)

Socks drawer


Review von PDMuzak am 08/19/2016

Lighthearted subject matter, with fantastic musicianship.I'm an instant fan. Thanks for the download. It's in my playlist. PDMuzak
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