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My WikiAlbum

My WikiAlbum
Über dieses Album:
A small tour with all the great musicians with whom I have been fortunate to share music on this splendid site, are not all though I tried to collect all in all musical stylesGlezBass erstellt von GlezBass on 12/21/2015

Daumen: 19
Hörer: 3013 x

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GlezBass is a master player


Review von bhunt1 am 12/23/2015

Glezbass always brings the bottom end with great style and feeling. His lines are creative and expressive. He has excellent musical taste and is an inspiration to many of his fellow bass players, me included.

My bro Glez on bass


Review von FrankieJ am 12/21/2015

Wonderful album. Promptly downloaded.
It is an honor to be in the midst of such fine company.

The art of Bass playing


Review von Wade am 12/21/2015

Such a fine collection by a great player.

Low Frequencies


Review von Tofzegrit am 02/04/2016

The deepest groovy bass is his style, with Glez around, you can feel secure ! he is the guardian, sometimes the driver but always calm and cool :)

Thank you!


Review von kennyadry am 01/11/2016

Awesome album Glezz!



Review von will_C am 12/31/2015

This album. streams a very good mood.
Thanks for this collection of fine tracks!

all about that bass


Review von aleonz am 12/29/2015

It's a great fun and pleasure to play with Glez, in some track, always a joy to listen his bass flowing on the track.

Great Album here Glez, so glad to be part of this one




Review von Uloisius am 12/28/2015

Wonderful Album, GB plays bass simply great ;o)
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