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Sentimental Journey

Sentimental Journey
Über dieses Album:
These are some of the songs that I was so lucky to found to lay some of my little notes that has been sleep for a long time in my book of life, some sentimental stories that born from all the things from a rainy days, that quite and dark tunnel, that makes me always appreciate every single day of sun shine.

I'm so Sorry if most of these track that I picked for this album is from my takes, and leave so many wonderful addition remix.

Thank you for all the beautiful songwriter and musician who played on this album, you all gave a lovely home for my words and voice.aleonz erstellt von aleonz on 12/25/2015

Daumen: 23
Hörer: 3307 x

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Marcelo D


Review von Marcelo D am 06/16/2016

Best singer ever. Love all the songs Al!



Review von adu am 04/20/2016

...is an outstanding singer and songwriter! So much nice Songs with great harmonies and everytime wonderful sung. Hat up!

Super Sister


Review von titi am 01/21/2016

Simply of the talent!
Soft, inspired, romantic, generous... Alice in known how to win all the musicians' heart !
We love you all.



Review von Uloisius am 12/28/2015

fantastic Music Alice ;o)



Review von Tofzegrit am 12/26/2015

The beauty dressed with emotions, melodies and grace!

Experience the Magic


Review von FrankieJ am 12/25/2015

Such a beautiful album.
Promptly downloaded and saved for those special times.

Thank you Alice. Thank you Wikiloops.

Nearly one year later


Review von Offfocus am 12/20/2016

... I hear your compilation here... My god!! Al how wonderful! Your voice is incredibly soft, tender, fragile, strong, thick, powerful, you can do what you want ..
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