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Together by aleonz


Über dieses Album

There is so many colors in music, and I love every each of them, this is another bundle of joy of mine, where I get a chance to play with wikiloops musician, and really enjoy to blend in with their colors.

Thank you for this rockin ride guys!
YOU GUYS ROCK !!! aleonz erstellt von aleonz on 29.12.2015

Daumen: 47
Hörer: 5980 x


No boundaries


Review von FrankieJ am 30.12.2015

I'm always amazed that you write and perform so masterfully across so many genres.
This album, like the others is representative of that. Unique.

I'm honored to be here.


Review von Uloisius am 30.12.2015

What a nice, fresh & sweet pop album you've given us since Alice, just wonderful ;o)

When I turned up this morning with the dogs my lap it was still dark, it was cold and wet and my shoes hung the mud.
Luckily I had previously taken me this album on my Mobile Phone ... between my ears beamed down the sun of Indonesia of a blue sky ;o)

Thank you for this great album Alice !

She has a talent


Review von Keiton am 16.02.2016

Anyway, she would like to sing. English, even singing in which Indonesian and Japanese great.

Such an honor....


Review von BigDaddyCee am 30.12.2015

....to be included in this incredible grouping of talents....a collection of strong songs masterfully painted with your beautiful voice and rhythmic phrasing....Alice....[b][i]YOU ROCK!

No limit to your talent


Review von RobM am 30.06.2016

An absolute honour to be part of such a wonderful collection of music and musicians. You are an extraordinary talent Alice :)

U Rock Girl!!!


Review von woXey am 04.05.2016

What can i say what i have not said before dear Alice!.. ure a true gem and im soooo happy for all the music we make together! Great album... can listen to this for hours... :) Big Hug Alice



Review von Babbazitt am 01.04.2016

Happy happy Aleonz music!!

My favourite female singer


Review von onewholeft am 06.01.2016

A great listen not to be past by

Hop hop hop ! Girl in da House


Review von Tofzegrit am 05.01.2016

Again a collection of Hits !


Review von ivax am 30.12.2015

fantastic collection, great Alice and friends

The Best of Big Al (vol 1)


Review von Psycho am 30.12.2015

Yessssss......... wonderful album you've compiled. what a sweetheart !!



Review von kennyadry am 29.12.2015

What an awesome album great sis!

Way cool.....


Review von Marceys am 29.12.2015

Another ccol album Alice.

You have been busy on the Loops!

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