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Boom !

Boom !
Über dieses Album:
Some heavy electric rock, a second opus of sweat and steel after "Switch on, Switch off"!
Many thanks to all this guys who gave me the opportunity of reboot my moodTofzegrit erstellt von Tofzegrit on 03/03/2016

Daumen: 16
Hörer: 2590 x

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Rock those strings!


Review von frenzie am 05/23/2016

Chris is such a versatile musician playing both great guitar and bass and on this album you can hear his leadplaying blossom we all love to hear you play on that guitar chris

Hats of for a great looper :)



Review von adu am 03/04/2016

Musician you are.... lol :)

Rock the House


Review von adu am 03/04/2016

Very fine Album. It shows so good, what for a creative and versatile you are. Big bigger biggest Thumb! ;)



Review von kennyadry am 03/04/2016

What a great collection. ANd you are certainly right, .. this album is HEAVY!!!

play it loud


Review von Uloisius am 03/04/2016

very cool collection of wiki-Tof-Rock ;o)
I am very happy that you have taken me into the boat ;o)
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